Wednesday, February 18, 2009

World's first wrist-watch video phone

Generations of Dick Tracy and James Bond wannabes have lusted after a wristwatch that doubles as a communicator.Now the South Korean electronics giant LG has made the dream of every schoolboy spy and gadget nerd a reality with the touchscreen mobile phone and watch.The new Watch Phone - the LG-GD910 - promises to revolutionise mobile phone communication, at least for the male of the species.

The LG G910 phone watch was first unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It has voice-recognition software.

Users can search the web through its 3G mobile phone technology as well as downloading and storing films, TV programmes and music.It can be ordered to dial a number or perform other functions through a voice command. It can also be operated via the touchscreen or a roller device on the face.It has a curved tempered glass face, high quality metal casing and is a mere 13.9mm - around half an inch - thick. The phone has a 1.43in touchscreen.

The hi-tech device can be used with or without a Bluetooth headset which has an earpiece and microphone. For those without bluetooth, they can listen to callers and music through a speaker.The device has a Text to Speech mode that reads text messages and other information out loud.

Watch the phone in action...