Monday, February 9, 2009

The one and only "AXXO"

To Hollywood executives, he's public enemy number one. To film fans around the world(like us), he's a modern-day Robin Hood. As the internet's most prolific pirate makes his 1,000th illegal film download available to the masses, the mysterious figure known only as aXXo
At 8.40am on Monday 15 December, a new post appeared on an internet forum called the Darkside Release Group. "Darkside_RG" is a clearing house for internet pirates, a site dedicated to the online redistribution of movies, music and video games The post in question contained a BitTorrent file – the most widespread and efficient file sharing method on the web – containing an illicit copy of a horror film called Mirrors. Though the mainstream media ignored it, this was a landmark moment for millions of file sharers worldwide: the 1,000th movie uploaded by aXXo, the internet's most popular and enduring pirate..

This aXXo may be anonymous, but he (or she, or they) is a global brand. His most popular uploads are downloaded illegally by up to a million internet users per week. His files regularly make up more than one-third of all the films trafficked on BitTorrent. Here is the link for the aXXo movies..

google phone on its way

Less than a year after i Phone madness gripped Singapore, Google's own handset is set to shake up the mobile phone market.
The much touted Google phone, also known as the HTC Dream, will be sold here by SingTel exclusively. Singapore will be the first in Asia to get the phone. The telecom company currently holds exclusive local rights to Apple's i Phone 3G, which debuted here last August.

Unlike the i Phone, Google's phone runs on an open-source operating system known as Android. This means manufacturers do not have to pay Google for using the software, resulting in cheaper handsets for consumers. Also, developers can build applications, like games, more easily.

Though the HTC Dream cellphone sold out quickly when it was pre-launched in the United States last year, it still garnered much criticism for not offering a video-recording function and only having a few applications available. SingTel had no further details of when the HTC Dream would start selling here, nor how much it would cost.

Chelsea sacks SCOLARI...

The manager of the Chelsea football club Luiz Felipe Scolari was sacked by the Chelsea board after the teams poor performance during its last few premier league matches.
A statement on the club's website revealed the move had been made "to maintain a challenge for the trophies we are still competing for"..."Luiz Felipe Scolari has been dismissed as manager of Chelsea Football Club with immediate effect," read the statement. "The Chelsea board would like to place on record our gratitude for his time as manager"..
Last Saturday the draw against Hull City saw the downfall of Scolari. As for the time being the team will be led by assistant Ray Wilkins on an interim basis. Chelsea are 7 points behind the leaders Machester United at 4th place.