Friday, February 27, 2009

Teenage sacked for moaning on Facebook about her 'totally boring' job!

Like many teenagers, Kimberley Swann was underwhelmed by the menial tasks she was given in her new job.But while other 16-year-olds might have confided in friends and family about the filing, stapling and hole-punching, she decided to let off steam by posting comments on the social networking website Facebook.

Three weeks later, the words 'first day at work. omg !! So dull!!' came back to haunt her when her boss discovered them as he surfed the net.Another posting two days later complained, ' all i do is shred holepunch n scan paper!!! omg!', while another fortnight of apparent misery produced the moan, 'im so totally bord!!!'

Swann was called into Stephen Ivell's office and fired on the spot before being marched from the premises in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex. Swann, from Clacton, had worked as a waitress and in a call centre before being taken on by Ivell Marketing & Logistics, a product development and sourcing company, on February 2.

On Monday this week, she was called in to see Mr Ivell who handed her a letter explaining her employment had been terminated.It said: 'Following your comments made on Facebook about your job and the company we feel it is better that, as you are not happy and do not enjoy your work, we end your employment with Ivell Marketing & Logistics with immediate effect.'Mr Ivell said his firm had done everything by the book.