Friday, February 20, 2009

Man strangles his wife to death after she called out the wrong name during sex

A jealous husband strangled his wife after she called out another man's name during sex, a court has heard.Colin Scully, 53, told police he throttled 39-year-old Tracey after she shouted 'Paul' as they made love.

Scully suspected his wife was having an affair and claimed she had been sending explicit text messages.He later told police that 'Paul' referred to a Paul Deighton, a man they knew from a scooter club.The jury also heard from Tracey's alleged lover Paul Deighton, who became friends with the couple when they joined a scooter club in Bridlington in 2007.

Scully also told officers that it 'blew his mind' when his wife mentioned any other men, Leeds Crown Court heard.James Sampson, prosecuting, said: 'He knelt on her chest, causing bruising, and pinned her down crucifix style to the bed, where he strangled her using one arm.'

Scully later told police he remembered pushing his wife down on the bed before going to sleep in their children's room, the jury heard.Police were only called the next day when he dialled 999 and said: 'I've done something to my wife. I don't know what I've done.'In his police interview, he said: 'I strangled her, didn't I?'Tracey, who suffered from multiple sclerosis, would have taken a 'significant amount of time' to die, according to a pathologist.